Saturday, 5 February 2011

Up Close in Your Own Home

It is not always possible for us to travel and view the magnificent wealth found on display and in the storerooms of the world's museums, which is why I am a great advocate of making as much as possible available on-line. Granted it is not a substitute for being there in person, it is, however, the next best thing. Google now have their Art Project and at the moment you can see works from 17 of the world's greatest museums in the comfort of your own seat.
Although there are no textiles included yet, there are many examples of painted embroidery from early portraits for study. Here you can see one of my favourite works, the Cholmondeley  Ladies from Tate Britain in London.
And here you can see the zoom ability that is possible. Why not take a tour for yourself - just click here.


  1. This is a fantastic link, thanks for sharing it:))

  2. Thanks! I spent a wonderful evening there, way past my bedtime... :-D