Monday, 14 February 2011

Love Bestowed - New Needleprint Release

We are used to seeing Quaker Samplers from York - or others, like the Beatrix Potter Sampler which come from schools as yet to be identified. However, this lovely work is a very special sampler from the Tuke's School at York. It bears the inscription MH-MC 1800. There is a very serene quality to this sampler, the spacing and gentle colours induce a feeling of repose - while at the same time offering considerable scope for adding personal initials and other touches if desired.
Although handsomely framed, the frame conceals details of the sampler which still can be seen on an old black and white photograph attached to the back of the frame. This new Needleprint PDF download with bonus JGG file for users of Cross Stitch Designer charts the entire sampler for you to reproduce. The pattern size is 337x284 stitches. Click here to browse or buy.
And many thanks for all your enquiries about my health and good wishes - they have done me a power of good, as we northern folk say. Kindest regards, Jacqueline.

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