Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Luizia Morellin at her Stitching in her Stitching

Yes, I know I am always going on about how samplers were stitched facing the long edge of the linen and you are probably bored to tears by now. But yes, you can see stitching taking place under the arm here, and not with the work resting on a trestle as we have seen before. However, what I love about this wall hanging which was stitched in 1601 in Constance, Switzerland, is that the maker Luizia Morellin has stitched herself into her piece. Luizia used silk, wool, metal threads and sequins. The piece is in the National Swiss Museum and you can click here to visit. In the suche box just enter Morell.

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  1. what amazings pieces. i can just imagine what they look like in person. ahhh