Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bertie from Strasbourg Takes a Bow

This lovely variation of Bertie from the Vierlande Motif Library with 11 Mini Samplers was completed by Catherine in Strasbourg. She used Zweigart Edinburgh linen and an old silk called La réligiosa. Catherine says: L'idée de proposer des gammes de colours variées pour des marquoirs plus sévères d'habitude est excellente et permet à notre époque de s'approprier la tradition; Je confirme la rapidité d'exécution: 4 soirées pour ce petit marquoir. (The idea to use varied colours for samplers which are usually stitched in a more severe manner is excellent, allowing us in our times to borrow from tradition.) Catherine can also confirm that the sampler is quick to work, having taken four evenings to complete it. Well, I think Bertie and Catherine should both take a bow. Very Well Done! And thank you for sharing.

1 comment:

  1. I really like how each color treatment gives each piece a different personality. I have worked these over in my head a million times and my hand are anxious to get started!