Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Mystery Solved! * Wrought with the Needle Exhibition * Witney Antiques * 18 - 31 October 2010

Well, we were all wondering whatever happened to the fabulous jacket panel sold at Christies - and now we know - mystery solved! What is more you can go and see this panel with your very own eyes at Witney Antiques during their exhibition, Wrought with the Needle, which runs at the shop in Witney, Oxfordshire between 18-31 October 2010.
And... you can also see that extremely desirable late 17th century double casket. The oak carrying box which has a top-opening lid and fall front has protected the inner silk embroidered casket from the effect of travels and time and kept the needlework in lovely condition.
It is astonishing how these extraordinary needlework pieces have survived 4 centuries looking so bright, just as if they had been frozen in time. The item above is an Elizabethan book or folio cover.
I love these baskets - and this one even has an inscription worked in beads: Mary Baker Her Basket 1670. Whether this was worked by Mary or was a gift for Mary we can't be sure. The giving of such exquisite and 'curious' presents was an important part of social life - wouldn't it have been wonderful to have received such a gift?

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