Sunday 5 September 2010

First Finish for Brilliant Bertie

It is just over a week since we released the new Needleprint download of Vierlande Motif Library 2 with a set of 11 mini samplers and already Jessica has finished her Bertie sampler - which is quite a feat for someone with two children under 5. Jessica has been stitching after the childrens' bed-times and estimates Bertie took 15-18 hours. Jessica says, it was great to find such a pretty little thing that is as close to 'instant gratification' as we stitchers can get. I really love the linen and thread Jessica has used for Bertie - 40 ct Lakeside Linen Sienna Night with white and light brown Vikki Clayton silk. Wonderful work, Jessica - thank you for sharing.


  1. What a beautiful work!!
    Just what I need,an 'instant gratification',I have one child under 5!!

    Hugs from Canada.

  2. Amazing!! Is a beautiful work!!! Morena from Italy.

  3. What a lovely write-up Jacqueline, thank you! Bertie was a fun little sampler to stitch.