Saturday, 18 September 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End

We have been stocktaking our remaining printed items today - it feels a little like the end of an era seeing the diminishing numbers of charts and card sets. We have just 0 sets of our 5 chart offer left. These are available for the price of 3 charts and come airmail free to your address wherever you are in the world. The charts included in the set are the lovely Quakers from Ackworth, Sarah Spence, Rebecca Jeffcoat, Hannah Westcombe and Mary Peacock plus the fabulous Rebecca Blake from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Join up with your friends and have a Quaker chart party to share the savings amongst yourselves. Just click here to browse or secure your copy before they all go. We shall still have some Mary Peacock and Rebecca Blake left to sell as singles, though.

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