Tuesday 28 September 2010

Erica Uten's Sampler Post is Ready

A few years ago Erica Uten came up with the brilliant idea of Quaker Post for mail art and these were so popular we asked Erica if she would design a new set of stamps, this time featuring samplers from a number of different countries. And here they all are - 35 neat stamps from Amager, France, England, Scotland, Groningen, Vierlanden, Marken and more Quaker stamps - plus a gorgeous stitched album to collect them all in.

This download comprises full charts for all the stamps and the album plus making up instructions, colour pictures - and those wonderful bonus editable files you tell me you love so much so that if you have our Infinity Starter Kit you can enjoy customising and composing your own album and stamp collection to your heart's content. Just click here to browse or buy Sampler Post.

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  1. Dear Jacqueline, when I've read this post... I've thought the possibility of a quaker mail art exchange, what do you think about?

    Best regards

  2. That sounds like a brilliant idea to me - what shall we do?

  3. Jacqueline, sorry for the delay in my response... I was up moving all my family from Guadalajara (Spain) to UK (Croydon, exactly..)

    What do you think about an envelope?