Sunday, 26 September 2010

Downton Lace and the Joys of Salisbury Museum

Salisbury is one of those special places - set against a battleship blue or grey sky that slim, subtle grey spire of the cathedral draws one to it with as much wonder as a compass rose on an antique portalan chart. This weekend I walked round the autumnal cathedral close and rediscovered again the unique space of that ancient place of worship which now has William Pye's spectacular infinity font reflecting in its obsidian clarity the vaulting and stained windows above. A symbol of continual renewal and cleansing it brims with flawless hope.
But after you have visited there, do cross the close to the museum and discover some of the wonderful textile delights there. There is a wonderful archive of Downton lace together with tools, images and pricked patterns on display. There is a wonderful Stuart mirror, see above, and samplers.

This sampler records the election results of 1819. For details and to see more of the museum collection, simply click here.

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