Wednesday, 29 September 2010

How the Sampler Post and Other Downloads Work

Just a short note since I have had a couple of emails today asking me how the downloads work. From those who use them the answer is: They couldn't be simpler or easier!Once you make your payment via Paypal you shouldn't have more than 24 hours to wait - in practise it is usually less than an hour, sometimes minutes. After payment you will get 2 messages. The first is an automatic notification that you have access to our secure download facility - this comes with a special password and a link you click on to take you to our secure site. You enter your secret password and your email address and then you are given a screen where you can see your personal folders ready for collection. Simply click on the folders there and, when asked, choose the option to save your file and then tell the software where you would like the file saved on your machine. It is really exactly the same as doing a free download, except you need a password for access. The second message you receive is a message from someone here in the studio, acknowledging your order. Once you have that, then your download is available and if you can't see the automatic link which very rarely likes to hide in a Spam folder or take a walk across the Milky Way, then you reply to the acknowledgement and say you haven't got your link. That sets the alarm bells ringing for all hands on deck here and in a trice we set up a special link for you and provide close assistance until you have your download. There is always someone here in waking hours to help you with any query or concern about your purchase and guide you if you need help.

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