Saturday, 19 April 2014

Winterthur Embroideries On-Line

Apart from samplers, Wintherthur also has some splendid embroideries in it on-line collection, like this early sweet bag above with a label referring to it as a Knitting Bag which belonged to a Lady at the Court of Q. Elizabeth.
I think we are all familiar now with stitched globes - they were de rigeur items in the curricula of young ladies of the Enlightenment. Westtown School in most famous for its stitched globes.
This is just one of the 18th century stomachers in the Winterthur collection - do find the others when you visit.
I really must make a pocket one of these days - I have been promising myself for some time now - along with many other projects still to complete! I love the dated and initialled pocket below.
You will need several hours to enjoy all the embroideries on-line at Winterthur - so pace yourself. Click here and enter embroidery into the search box.

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