Monday, 28 April 2014

Meetings With Remarkable Women * Rachel Bach and Her Sugar Flowers

This post is a little off topic but I so want to introduce you to Rachel Bach. I met Rachel by accident a few weeks ago. Her brother-in-law is the famous South Korean ceramicist Changhyun Jeon and the Rachel and her husband had kindly and very graciously acted as intermediaries when I purchased some pots from him. Rachel has one of those special natures so full of grace in every word and movement but little did I know then of the skills of her artistry.
Here you can see both Rachel and her artistry. The images are from her FaceBook Page. I thought at first, what an exquisite arrangement of flowers! and wondered if Rachel might have been involved in their composition. Her reply knocked me off my chair. Yes, she had arranged the flowers - and they were of SUGAR. And she had made them!
I don't think anything else I can say can add to this achievement. Just a softly breathed and great gratitude for Rachel's being in our world.

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