Monday, 14 April 2014

Oh Those Knitted Bathing Cossies!

Did you have one? I can remember mine - it was navy blue with white seagulls and I so loved it.... until I had to come out of the sea. Then I had to give it a really good hoist against the weight of all the water pulling it down to my ankles. And goodness me when the east wind blew off the sea up in bracing Bridlington, it was the coldest and most miserable thing to have around your body.
But there must have been some good reason for them. Was wool yarn the Lycra of its day with its ability to stretch around your shape? The only other swimming costume I knew when I was young was made from a shirring elastic stitched fabric which resembled a small puffed quilt - that stretched and moved with your body. If you would like to see more, the BBC has a short video you might like - just click here.

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  1. when I was a child I had a lovely blue swimsuit with a pretty pleated skirt, I have dreams of making one today - far more flattering than a bikini.

    What a lovely blog