Saturday, 26 April 2014

Quilts & Color : The Pilgrim/Roy Collection * Museum of Fine Arts, Boston * Until 27 July 2014

I make my quilts as fast as I can so my children won't freeze and as beautiful as I can so my heart won't break. Quilts and Color features nearly 60 distinctive quilts from the renowned collection and is the first to explore how, over five decades, trained artists Paul Pilgrim and Gerald Roy searched out and collected quilts with bold, eye-popping designs that echoed the work of mid-20th century Abstract Expressionist and Op Artists. There is also a book to accompany exhibition.
For more details of the exhibition, click here.
Gerald Roy talking about his collection on video


  1. Eye popping indeed! Thank you for the link to the exhibit, that features pictures of more of these remarkable quilts. I am amazed that the colors still ring so richly after so many years. They must have been well cared for, as true works of art.

    Best wishes.

  2. Thank you for posting this file!