Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lampung Cloth for Auction * Bless The Auctioneer

I really don't want to show sale items on a Sunday - but his item has just appeared on my radar and made me smile. It is for sale on Tuesday 8 April, so anyone who is interested needs to move quickly. High Road Auctions in Chiswick describe it as a polychromatic needlework sampler of Noah's Ark, surrounded by figural and marine motifs, enclosed within a geometric border. Bless! This is an Indonesian woven cloth from Lampung - traditionally these ship cloths were exchanged at ceremonies to celebrate life transitions such as circumcision and marriage. Some date from the 18th century. While the cloths are woven, sometimes an additional layer of embroidery is floated between the wefts. The pattern on this cloth is very similar to a more monochrome rendition which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (see below). The cloth for auction measures 70cm x 72cm (about 30 inches square) and has an estimate of £40 - £60. These cloths normally sell for £200 upwards. For more details of the auction, click here. For more details about Lampung cloths, click here.

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