Thursday 20 February 2014

The Angels of Muchelney

You might have heard that there are severe floods in the UK. The ground is now so saturated, that even without more rain, the floods are not expected to subside fully before May.
Many places have been encircled and cut off by floods, and one of those places is the pretty village of Muchelney - home of the famous pottery and of their wonderful, but less well-known church.
Muchelney church has a wonderfully painted Tudor wooden nave vault, with all its angels faithfully dressed (or partly dressed!) in Tudor costume.
If you are planning to visit the UK in summer, don't pass by a visit to Saint Peter and St Paul.
And don't pass up a visit to John Leach's pottery either. John is one of my favourite potters and grandson to the famous Bernard Leach who worked with the acclaimed Shoji Hamada at his kiln in Mashiko, Japan. John continues the traditional stoneware techniques of English craft potters. To find our more about Muchelney Pottery, click here.
Meanwhile, the weather has been kinder here - though we have water problems of a different kind. Because we are on the side of a hill in country which is totally saturated, we see water springing up out of the ground. We have so far not been affected, but our neighbour has sighted newts in her kitchen.
And sadly the storm last weekend tore down a huge branch from our favourite tree across the lane - though the deer seem to be enjoying this heaven sent extra winter fodder. Our power supply, touch wood, has had no major outages since we were on generators over the last storm. I am counting every single one of our blessings, you can be sure.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing church. How beautiful. The pottery looks great too.
    Sorry about the loss of that part of the tree. Amazing deer pic.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. 'your last year before retirement' NOOOOOO you simply cannot! please no~ you are sneaky to put that in at the last! I am happy to hear you all are weathering the storms, it breaks my heart to see everything so flooded. I wanted to comment on your precious photo of the deer~ they are so white and stand out so greatly against the green fields~ our deer here in America are brown and blend in so they are very hard to spot. Thankyou too for posting the Angels~ some may make it onto my casket :) xoxoxo rachael

  3. I love to visit the church. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.
    Newts in the kitchen made me laugh! And there are white deer! : ) I hope you keep dry and powered. : )

  4. Thank you for your kind thoughts Midori. I hope you are still dry and powered over in Canterbury - nice sunshine today...and the first day no flood alerts in Surrey!