Sunday 23 February 2014

Embroidery Aria - Peter Grimes

Once upon a time, we would go to the opera in London, enjoy a wonderful performance until right at the end, when we would get a bit stressed about the time as we would have to run for the last train home. And once on the last late train, would have to suffer a journey of twice the normal time, until, in spite of all the excitement, we would begin to feel quite brain dead. But now, thanks to technology, we can drive to the nearest town and watch live opera beamed to our cinema. I suppose it can be argued that this is not the real thing. But since we get to see the orchestra, choir and principals close-up, there are gains to counterbalance any losses. Today we enjoyed Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes. BB is definitely one of my favourite composers - no-one, but no-one can evoke the sea as he can. And this opera is blessed with the Embroidery Aria. Ellen Orford has embroidered the gansey of Peter Grimes' apprentice and picking up the garment she remembers the embroidery of her childhood: Embroidery in childhood was a luxury of idleness.


  1. I go to the Metropolitan Opera here in Tallahassee at our theatre (cinema). I love going!

  2. Yes, we have the Met beaming to Guildford, too! How lovely to think we might be watching one of their performances at the same time as you!

  3. If you love Britten, I wonder if you heard the special anniversary production of Noyes Fludde on the Radio recently? It was recorded in the same church in Lowestoft that the original production debuted in. They used

  4. Oops, they used professional singers in the adult roles but local school children in all the other parts. Some were from the private school but three of the main eight were from my son's very ordinary state primary. As were many of the chorus.
    We were so proud! My hubby was involved on the crew side so we got tickets, well worth seeing.