Monday 17 February 2014

Samplers @ Auction

There are moments when my heart goes into reverse - and when I saw this sampler that was one of them. It is Lot 155 for auction at Sworders on 4 March 2014. Worked by Margaret Davie but undated, it is a dead ringer for another sampler stitched by Margaret Robinson in the Miche├íl and Elizabeth Feller Collection - F423 on page 267 of Volume 2. Even the sampler dimensions are similar. (The example above is 44cm x 32.5cm.) It is astonishing that the quite eccentric layout and stitching fills are replicated in this way. Were these the eccentric traits of a particular school mistress? I wonder if there are more examples out there, somewhere. The estimate for this sampler is £1,000 - £2,000. For more details, click here.
This next sampler is Lot 257 for auction on 2 March 2014 at Wilkinsons. It was stitched by Frances Amelia Roberts at Marlborough House home to the powerful Churchill dynasty. Though undated it mentions Little Tartary the Khanate of which was annexed by Russia before 1792, so this sampler is more probably 18th century than 19th century. It is worked in black thread with the alphabet, a list of Countries of Europe and their capitals, British Isles and Islands of England. It measures 13 ins x 12 ins (34 cms x 32 cms). Estimate: £50 - £100. For more details, click here.
Also at Wilkinsons is Lot 259 - a pattern darning sampler displaying patches of various weaves: gingham, check, herringbone, diaper, twill, all worked in red on a cream ground. It is dated 1838 and initialed HL ML and IL. It measures 12 ins x 11 ins (31 cms x 29 cms) and has an estimate of £30 - £60. For more details, click here.
At Sworders again on 4 March 2014 is Lot 154 - A needlework sampler by Ann Clark dated 1723. It is worked with bands of geometric motifs and flowers over two dogs and two birds amongst flowers and trees. The text below reads: Ann Clark is my name and with my nedel I wrot the same and by this you may see what cear my parants took of mee It is dated 1723 and measures 60cm x 19.5cm and comes with an estimate of £200 - £300. For more details, click here.
Lot 156 is also at Sworders. The text sampler was worked by Anne Tayleur and dated 6 May 1807. The text reads:  ---- Ye dreary wastes adieu Reason Religion now I study you if Bright the Prospect I the Grave defy trust future Ages and Contented Die be these Celestial ------- Consolations Mine and I the World with all its pomps Resign The sampler measures 12cm x 13cm. The lot also includes a needlework panel, 19th century, worked with a basket of flowers on a brown ground. The panel measures 24cm x 19cm. Estimate is £80 - £120. For more details, click here.
Last but not least is Lot 844 for sale by Reeman Dansie on 18 February 2014. There are two samplers in this lot worked by sisters, Elizabeth Lofty Whisson from Colton, Aged 10 Years in 1840 and Marianne Whisson, Aged 10 in 1843. Here is interesting to see the individuality expressed by the sisters - with the one common feature of the resting deer. Both samplers are in original frames and come together with two photographs of both sisters in later life and a brief history. The frames measure 30.5cm x 32cm and 31cm square and together they have an estimate of: £300 - £500. For more details, click here.

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  1. I can't imagine losing Needleprint. Fewer posts would be preferable to none. You have exposed us, your readers, to so much about so many different aspects of the needlework world that we would have remained unaware of. That will mean a huge loss for all of us who eagerly check your blog before venturing elsewhere on the internet. Thank you for 10 years of inspiraton. Pat