Tuesday 18 February 2014

Fashions and Gardens by Nicola Schulman * Garden Museum London * Until 27 April 2014

Fashion and Gardens is the first exhibition to explore the relationship between fashion and garden design, from the age of Queen Elizabeth I to the catwalks of London Fashion Week 2014.
The exhibition, curated by writer, historian and Garden Museum Trustee Nicola Shulman, will identify and celebrate the many links and correspondences between gardening and fashion design. The connection has existed for centuries, but this exhibition is the first attempt to make it articulate.
One of the exhibits is a rather charming portrait of Lettice Newdigate aged 2 (above) which usually is to be found at Arburg Hall. She is wearing a gorgeous dress with a blackwork bodice, needlelace collar and cuffs.
The skirt and sleeves are more difficult to read, but I have enhanced the image for you to see the beautiful and subtle all-over floral design over which floats a semi-sheer organza.
Another gorgeously beflowered gown, this time by the British designer Vivienne Westwood is a very modern take on 16th century fashion and is completed by fabulously embroidered gloves/gauntlets.
Looking very much like a wrought iron gate, this cape by Valentino is shown in the exhibition worn over another floral gown. If you are in London be sure not to miss one of the most beautifully designed and arranged exhibitions. For more details click here.
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