Friday 7 February 2014

Giulia Manfredini * Giulia Punti Antichi

A reader of the Needleprint blog drew my attention to these fascinating pin-cushion dolls - the like of which I have never seen before. Our reader's pincushion is at the bottom of this post - though a most excellent stitcher, she wants to remain anonymous. The concept and design are the work of Giulia Manfredini. Giulia lives with her husband, Mario, their daughter Sofia and little dog Lilli, in Massa, Tuscany in Italy - just a few miles from Pisa, on the seacoast, with a wonderful view of mountains full of white marble and surrounded by oranges, olives and palm trees.

Giulia and Sofia are the artists behind Giulia Punti Antichi. Giulia’s Designs range from traditional designs to old fashioned pieces including motifs from Italy, Europe and United States, and are dedicated to stitchers of all ages and different levels of expertise. Sofia's designs, Teen Stitch, are mainly dedicated to younger stitchers even though they can be loved by more experienced needleworkers.
To visit Giulia Punti Antichi - just click here and please say hello from me!

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  1. These are all lovely - I have done one of Giulia's dolls, too - the first one she designed, and I love it! I finish so few things, but this was just so fun!