Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - 10th Birthday Offer News!

I hope you enjoyed your champagne in bed this morning and the dip in your rose-petal strewn bath. I was looking back through my Valentine card collection some days ago and realised that it was about this time 10 years ago that my love-child, Needleprint, was born. To celebrate 10 years of Needleprint we shall be unveiling a very special upcoming offer tomorrow.... In the meantime, enjoy your day today. Even if your hair is storm-tossed and you have the chest waders on, and your nose and spirits are blue, remember you are loved!


  1. Did get flowers and a new pattern, my Valentine's day has been fantastic, but I think all the time of all those men and women that suffer from the floods and I wish them all strenght and hope the rain will stop soon and the water will drop. Hugs

  2. Congratulations and thanks for 10 years pleasure and interesting reading material

  3. Can you tell me more about this beautiful piece? Thank you! :-)