Tuesday 16 April 2013

Textiles @ Dallas Museum of Art

Yes, the Dallas Museum of Art does have a sampler, but there is not yet an image of it on line. We do know that it is a Mexican sampler though and if anyone lives near the museum then they might like to investigate. However there is this spectacular mid 18th century Palampore which features a palm springing from its Tree of Life. These cotton chintzed textiles were imported from the early 17th century via the East India Company and specimens reached North America as early as 1700. it takes very little imagination to see the extent to which they influenced local textile and embroidery design. Such as the American bed-rug below of 1803. Most bed rugs were made on a woollen base (this one is on linen) with thick, home-dyed, woollen yarns of multiple plies that were sewn with a running stitch to create the design. Most of the surviving bed rugs come from Connecticut, and virtually all were made in New England. The earliest one known dates from 1724. To visit the Dallas Museum of Art for yourself, click here and type Textile or Embroidered into the search Box.

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