Saturday 6 April 2013

Melanie Porter - Knitted Inspirations

There was some research completed recently which proved how comforted people were in the vicinity of knitted articles. The knitting appeared to reduce any perceived ambient threats. To such an extent that some neighbourhoods have actually been commissioning knitting to dangle about so that people feel empowered to walk their streets again. This is all apart from any guerrilla knitting that is hitting lamp standards near you. So isn't guerrilla knitting then an oxymoron? Can you knit an oxymoron?

I was so taken by these knitted items by Melanie Porter. Again there is something oxymoronic about this bedside lamp, which is at the same time very sophisticated and alluring while being very homespun with its felted crocheted wool, black flowers.

Melanie's super hunky throws were knit on specially commissioned giant knitting needles - probably a good exercise for banishing batwings.....

I have seen a number of lovely knitted clocks - google knitted clocks to see what people are making - but I rather liked this most minimalist approach. I have insistently banished as many blinking digital clocks as I could from the kitchen and this seems a wonderful antidote. What is time when one is not stitching or knitting, after all? To see more of Melanie Porter's knitted inspirations, just click here.

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