Tuesday 30 April 2013

Darning The Land: Sewn * Philippa Lawrence * Waddesdon Manor * From May 2013

Darning the Land: Sewn is inspired by close study of unseen aspects of the textile collections in store. Philippa Lawrence’s research unearthed light-damaged pincushions, darns, mends and labels on domestic linen, and explored the intricate workings of the backs of tapestries and embroideries. In homage to the management and history of the Estate, and the contribution of female collectors at Waddesdon, Philippa’s planting on Tree Hill connects the inside and outside of the house, and reminds us of those who worked here and cared for it. To Philippa, the surface of the land is like a fabric, the swathes of flowers a running thread.

Extending the theme of taking the inside of the house outside, from June, the summer carpet bedding on the Parterre will also reflect a feminine collection, Baroness Edmond de Rothschild’s 17th and 18th-century lace. Collars, lappets, stoles and ruffles made in Venice, Brussels and the French lace-making centres of Alençon and Argentan were historically stored on blue paper in a velvet-covered, satin-lined chest. The planting will follow the patterns made by the threads. Philippa will give a lecture and tour of her planting schemes in July. For more details click here.

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