Wednesday 24 April 2013

17th Century Book With Embroidered Book Cover For Auction * Adams, Dublin * 30 April 2013

Lot 478 for auction on 30 April at Adams in Dublin is a 1640 Church of England printed book: The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Newly translated out of the Originall Greek - printed by Robert Barker and the Assigns of John Bill, London. 24mo in 12s. It is a miniature edition of the revised version of King James.
It is described as: The binding is most interesting and G Barber writing in 1971 in "Textile and Embroidered Bindings" related how in 1638 the milliners and shopkeepers of the Royal Exchange in London presented a petition to archbishop Laud in which they made reference to the custom of providing "rare and curious covers of imbrothery and needlework .... wherein Bibles, Testaments and Psalm Bookes of the best sort and neatest print have been richly bound up for ye Nobility and gentry of this kingdome, for whome and not for common persons they are indeed most fitt." A very good copy in quarter vellum solander box. BOUND WITH CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRINTED BOOK: The Whole Booke of Psalmes: Collected into English Meeter by Tho. Sternhold, Jo. Hopkins, W. Whittingham aand others .... withg apt notes to sing them withall - printed by I.L. for the Company of Stationers, London. 24mo in 12s. Binding: A generally well preserved contemporary embroidered binding of white satin worked in high relief with silver wire and coloured threads and applied sequins with a design of tulips, roses and marigolds, unfolding beneath a cloudburst, gauffered gilt edges, preserved in a vellum backed buckram case. The estimate is: €800 - €1,200. Click here for more details.

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