Sunday, 23 September 2012

Witney Antiques New Exhibition & Catalogue Download

The latest exhibition by Witney Antiques - For Pleasure & Ornament - Art Treasures of English Domestic Embroidery 1580 - 1700 - will be held at their store 14-18 October 2012. And so you can see what wonders there are going to be there, you can download the exhibition catalogue now by clicking here. Many of the items have been in well known collections and exhibited at major exhibitions. Others have been the subject of scholarly articles or illustrated in such books as Domestic Needlework by Seligman and Hughes, The Collection of Judge Irwin Untermyer or the Landsdowne House Catalogue of the Exhibition of Decorative Art at Lansdowne House February 1929.

At the same time Witney Antique's sampler gallery will be showing a large collection of over 100 17th - 19th Century samplers. All items in the exhibition are for sale, in fine condition and worthy of both the serious collector and the museum curator.

Further details can be obtained from Witney Antiques: 96 - 100 Corn Street, Witney, OX28 6BU, UK. Tel 01993 703902.

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