Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ordering in Italy * Billet Doux This and Billet Doux That!!

As you can imagine there is no sleep here and if I do drop off I wake to find a little pile of Billets Doux by my cold pot of tea - more precisely these are Billet Do That or Billet Do This, so off it all goes again and hopefully someone remembers to put the keetle on. Why all this incessant activity? Because we want you to have the new books as soon as possible and shops are selling out even before their orders arrive. It has been a long wait to finish recording this world-class sampler and needlework collection and I have to pinch myself now to make sure that I am not dreaming as we ship this gorgeous new book packed with images of over 400 samplers, hussifs, pinballs, pockets and descriptions by Elizabether Feller. There are 2 charted sampler projects in the jacket for you to enjoy. Just click on the book image to preview. If you live in Italy and have not yet placed your order, then click on the flying angel below and send us your details for early shipping.
In case you missed Volume I, here is your opportunity to buy now -
Authored by Mary Brooks this fabulous book catalogues the early needlework treasures in the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Collection. Don't forget to look inside the book jacket where you will find a full charted sampler to stitch. Price includes postage.

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