Friday, 21 September 2012

Meetings With Remarkable Women - Kathy Andrews

I consider myself to be very fortunate in that the most inspiring and wonderful people cross my little path almost every day. Some I meet in person - others via the internet. That is how I met Kathy. Kathy lives in Berlin. She is working on translating a Trevelyon design for a gentleman's cap into the real article. Above you can see the beautiful design.

Kathy says, Embroidery has been a hobby since I was in school and a hippie (that dates me, I know) embroidering flowers on my jeans. I have collected textiles whilst traveling the world, living and teaching in many places. In our home, there are fine examples of many different kinds of stitches, fabrics, techniques and styles. Only recently did I look around and notice that I love textiles!

Above and below you can see Kathy's exquisitely worked cap in progress.

Kathy's first love was music and she was a professional musician for the first 30 years of her adult life. She still finds time to play, but only for enjoyment and the occasional wedding. Her available time is spent working in Berlin with her husband at a bilingual school. She practices yoga, gardens, works on her blogs and stitches in every spare minute…and there are NEVER enough of them! To visit Kathy's wonderful blog - just click here.


  1. I have followed her blog for at bit. Your, hers and Shakespeares peddlar and my favorites, oh and don't want to forget Mary Colberts NeedleNThread

  2. That is amazing. I'm working on Tricia's glittering gentleman's nightcap at the moment so feel a kinship - but her work is far better than mine and makes me very envious.

  3. I recently finished a cap based on Tricia's design, but sized to fit my husband. This is the third "FANCY CAP" I've made for him and I have design #4 in concept form. Too bad (?) he only wears them for photos, and they sit in a display cabinet the rest of the time -- but at least all my effort stay's clean.