Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Needlework Collection Volume II * Why No Index?

The first copies of the new book are now being opened and the response is unbelievably heartwarming - page after page of beauty are the kind words of one purchaser.

But some of you will wonder why for the first time there is no index in our book. Well, there was an index and I worked for the best part of a month creating it. Then I threw it away! I saw some recent exquisite aquisitions made by Micheál and Elizabeth Feller and decided there and then you would prefer to have images of those samplers instead of an index.

But why not both, you might ask? The answer is I was always designing with a weight on my mind - and that weight with a book mailer had to be less than 2 kilos. In fact the book weights 1.95 kilos in a book mailer. It was that close a call.

And why do kilos matter? Simply because there are two costs to you as a purchaser - the price of the book and also the shipping cost you have to pay to get the book into your home. 2 kilos is the magic number in most parts of the world where there is a big step-up in mailing costs and I didn't want to take you there. So there is no index - it simply would have made the book too heavy.
The book is packed with images of over 400 samplers, hussifs, pinballs, pockets and descriptions by Elizabether Feller. There are 2 charted sampler projects in the jacket for you to enjoy. just click on the book image to preview. If you are in the UK and haven't placed your order yet just click on the flying angel below and send us your details for early shipping.
In case you missed Volume I, here is your opportunity to buy now -
Authored by Mary Brooks this fabulous book catalogues the early needlework treasures in the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Collection. Don't forget to look inside the book jacket where you will find a full charted sampler to stitch. Price includes postage.


  1. Sorry to say, but in case you aren't aware somehow, a book without an index is a book that won't be living a researcher and teacher, I don't have time to peruse material repeatedly no matter how pleasant a pastime that may be. A book without an index becomes simply a book with inaccessible content for many of us. It certainly does appear to be a lovely and fascinating book and I'm sure it would have been both a fun and useful addition, but...

    I occasionally have time to stitch for my own pleasure and if that comprised my total interest in stitching I might possibly be tempted but even then I'm doubtful. Maybe the library, but not to make space for: far too frustrating trying to remember where I saw that certain motif, etc.


  2. Your explaination for leaving out the index makes sense. Maybe you can make it available on your website for download. I am sure those of us who have purchased the book would be happy to purchase the download.

  3. Dear Marty - that sounds an excellent idea and of course we would make it available for free! Thank you.

    1. When will the index be available? The book is amazing Jacqueline...I haven`t come up for air since I got it!