Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Family of Dutch Samplers at Meg Andrews'

Meg Andrews has just posted images of 6 new Dutch samplers for sale on her web-site and the wonderful thing is that they all come from the same family. The family originated from Zaanstreek, the prosperous area of north Holland, and moved in the 19th century to the Dordrecht area. Oh, I do hope that these can all stay together now, it would be a pity for them to go their separate ways. This first was worked by Geertruida Kruyt. It is executed in silks, all on a linen ground and measures approx 19" x 15" or 48cm x 40cm.

Above you can see a close-up of the darned in warps and wefts.

The beauty above comes from the same family. As the embroideress is different it may have been worked by a member of the wife's family in law, perhaps a married daughter.  This sampler could be from Friesland, the province in the north part of the Netherlands or nearby Groningen.

It is dated 1768, and worked with the initials PITGIBYIPMP also the initials BP at the bottom, with alphabets and numbers above pairs of birds flanking a stylised flower in a pot, other varieties of flowers in pots and smaller birds.

The group of 3 samplers above is by the young girl SK (Kruyt) and it is interesting to see how she progressed from her first cross stitch sampler to a finer red cross stitch example and finally to a very accomplished darning sampler. The sampler below was worked by SK's sister, CK (Kruyt). If anyone has any information about the Kruyt family, it would be wonderful to hear. For more information about these samplers, simply click here.

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