Saturday, 8 September 2012

I'll be coming round the mountain.....soon again, I hope

It's only just now that we have got round to looking at our holiday photos from the Dolomites - it is such a contrast to the deer park I can see out of my window here!

Some days were daunting - at this stage we have to descend 2,000 feet to the bottom here with our 15 kilo packs (8 Goodhart Sampler Books!) as the path across the contour has been washed away in the storms the night before - so I am looking at that descent, knowing I have to climb all the way back up through the pass on the opposite side - marked with the red arrow.....I'm feeling just a bit intimidated - but I make it and we go up the pass beside workmen repairing the narrow scree climb, which has also been washed away. It was good to be through all that. But now I am feeling nostalgic, thinking I would love to do it again! How wonky is that!

And then at the end of the days are the mountain refuges - with their fabulous home cooking - before we fall over dead tired in our little wooden beds. Even the gregarious chattering choughs congregate there, too, such a change from the long silences.

It was forever good and I cannot wait to be back - I just wanted to share it all with you as I was climbing and seeing all the wonder - I know how fortunate I am to have been there. Somedays, in the early mornings, with the cloud and mist mysteriously shifting the sun and what could be seen, it was like I imagine Heaven to be.