Thursday 12 July 2012

The Weavers by Jo Frazer at The National Portrait Gallery, London

Last week I took a day's holiday and popped into London with Richard. We thought we needed to try the new cable car across the Thames at Greenwich. The experience scores 20 out of 10 - it was fabulous and at £3.50 for the crossing and the fantastic views it is not to be missed. We passed up the visit to the top of The Shard - for £24.95 not including champagne! We then went along to see the 2012 Annual BP portrait awards at the National Portrait Gallery and Richard lost me as I was more interested in this picture which was the winner of the BP travel awards for 2011. Entitled The Weavers, it was painted by Jo Fraser.

Jo spent a long time in Peru with the women making studies for the picture and the display at the National Portrait Gallery includes many studies together with samples of woven bands that she brought home.
I think it is a really inspired work and it is good to see traditional crafts being so expertly and compassionately recorded. Here is Jo with her work. To see the journey of her work, click here.

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  1. Thank you for providing the introduction to Jo Frazer's work. If I were in London, I'd definitely have to go and see her painting.

    I do love the weaving technique she shows in the painting. Perhaps the exhibition will encourage some folks to try their hands at it?

    Best wishes.