Tuesday 31 July 2012

Godiva Walks Again

Some of you may not yet be aware of this fabulous project which now has legs and is making its way from Coventry to London. It - or should it be she? - is a 6 metre high puppet of Lady Godiva - and there is also her horse.

Textile projects don't get much bigger than this coat for Godiva. This time Godiva is not naked as in her legend - but has been clothed by the famous designer Zandra Rhodes and her dress and coat stitched by craftspeople, students and volunteers - with a little help from the general public too!

There is magic stitched here - what inspired dreams can be wrought with needle and thread still - congratulations everyone! Here you can see some of the coat in detail. There is a wonderful BBC video of Godiva on the move - click here for the link.

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  1. Great post! That last photo features a close up of my designs for Godiva's coat - it was an amazing project to work on! You can see more of my work at