Tuesday 31 July 2012

Upcoming Sampler Auctions

There is not a great deal happening at auction at the moment - probably because we have hit holiday season - though many holiday makers would be glad to escape the downpours for the cover and enjoyment of some good auctions right now! The Adam and Eve sampler above with those fabulous twinned houses is Lot 235 at Ryedale Auctioneers on 4 August. The sampler is dated 1834 and is by Elizabeth Cravens aged 12 with crisp red colour. The estimate is £150 - £250. Click here for more details.
The pictorial and prose sampler above was worked by Harriet Powell aged 10 years in 1843 - it does have some holes and wear. This is Lot 857 measuring 31cm x 38cm for auction on 4 August at Willingham Auctions with an estimate of £60 - £100. Click here for more details.
These two framed samplers above are worked by relatives Mary Ann and Sarah Dyson. Mary Ann Dyson's is dated 1839 and was worked when she was 12. It is 12 ins square. Sarah Dyson's is dated 1894  say the auctioneers and is in poor condition - I think maybe the date has been misread and could be 1834 but you must get the auctioneers to check this! It measures 12 3/4 x 11 1/2 ins. They are in the same Lot 285 for auction on  8 August with an estimate of £150 - £200 at Diamond Mills Auctioneers. Click here for more details.

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