Tuesday 24 July 2012

Better The Devil You Sew at Oxfam North Street Brighton

Better The Devil You Sew is the name of the brand created by Oxfam volunteers for their redesigned, upcycled garments which are a true inspiration. For those of you not in the know, Oxfam is short for the Oxford Campaign for Famine Relief which has been running for as long as I remember and has charity stores - thrift stores - throughout the UK. They sell everything from books to biodegradeable washing-up liquid, couture to fair trade chocolate. This latest venture gives young designers/redesignators a platform to create outfits from donated clothes and an outlet for their stitching talents - truly heart-warming. At the moment they are in North Street Brighton - the clothes are well stitched, fun and well-priced. Do support this venture if you can - hopefully we shall see more Oxfam shops working with young design/stitching volunteers in this way.

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