Monday 9 July 2012

Hannah Gilpin Beautifully Finished by Teresa in California

I gasped when I saw this incredibly graceful finish to Hannah Gilpin's sampler which was stitched by Teresa. I have to say Hannah Gilpin's sampler is probably my favourite simply because of its lovely restrained palette of warm shades of grey-brown. Teresa says: I have my beautiful Hannah Gilpin sampler back from the framer. The frame is a perfect compliment to the embroidery. I am so happy with it. This is the largest needlework project I have ever attempted. It's taken me about 18 months or so to complete. I lost a lot of stitching time last summer due to my thumb injury. Otherwise, I continually stitched on it every free moment. This was not one of my many projects that was started and then put aside!
Teresa adds: I hope anyone who takes up this sampler or is currently stitching it enjoys it as much as I did. And here we can have a closer peek at that fabulous frame which is so perfect a companion for this superb heirloom sampler. Thank you for sharing your truly inspirational work, Teresa. We hope that your thumb is better now.
Download. Hannah's sampler is stitched in gentle shades of brown on cream. The chart comes with an eBook of all the Gilpin samplers in the Ackworth collection.


  1. I would love to know where that frame came from! The whole thing is stunning. Any idea what brand the frame is?