Wednesday 4 July 2012

Fun Holiday - The Pudding Club - Strange Sightings on Trains

Happy 4th July - I hope you all have a fun day! Do you remember those times at school when you were winding down for the summer holidays - and sometimes you felt a bit devil may care and jinxful? Then you know where I am today - so nothing too serious. Let's talk puddings!

I once asked a friend where his wife was, only to be told she was in the Pudding Club. I offered many congratulations and asked when the baby was due. No - he said - she is in THE Pudding Club! And now I am in the know I can explain that THE Pudding Club is a wonderful hotel to stay in the Cotswolds. It is famous for its puddings and every room is named after a pudding - above there is the lovely Summer Pudding Room.

And here is the Spotted Dick Room.

And here the Sticky Toffee and Date room. To find out more about the Pudding Club and their Scrummy Events just click here. But if you are travelling to the UK soon, probably best not to look behind you......


  1. Interesting rooms at that inn; I would choose the Sticky Toffee and Date room. I am guessing the guy on the bus is what you call a "metal head." Not someone I wish to chat with. Karmen

  2. Too funny - you crack me up!


  3. Looks like the Cybermen are coming!

  4. I went on a tour in England in 2003 and stayed at the Pudding Club. My roommate and I were lucky enough to stay in the Oriental Ginger Pudding room. It was so much fun! In that room at least, the recipe for the pudding was on the bathroom door!

  5. The company I used to work for took over the pudding club twice for a christmas party (one nights stay with family's) was scrummy and a good walk on the Sunday morning made us all feel noble about what we'd eaten the night before !!!!