Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sisters of St Paul's Church

Some of you may have visited St Paul's Church in London - but did you all visit the same St Paul's Church? The most famous is the domed church by Christopher Wren where Prince Charles married Lady Di. There is another St Paul's which you have probably seen, though not registered the name, it is St Paul's, in Covent Garden, right by where the jugglers and monocyclists show off their skills to tourists.

This set of samplers - and there are more examples in this group - all display the same design of church. However, some name the church as St Paul's Covent Garden.

Now the church in Covent Garden is designed on classical Greek temple lines and in no way matches this representation at all. If anything this more resembles the domed Wren church. So what is going on?

We are not absolutely sure but we do know this group of samplers originates in the west country, around Exeter. So, it is probable the designer or teacher never saw either St Paul's with their own eyes but has copied the design from some other source - a print or newspaper perhaps - which had an error in the titling. Perhaps you have other thoughts - it would be lovely to hear what you think. Happy Sunday!

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