Monday, 4 June 2012

The Buttons Have It!

We saw half a million golden buttons on the banner for the Queen's barge yesterday and tonight over a quarter of a million people thronged the entire length of the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Jubilee Concert and saw Kylie perform in a Pearly Queen outfit.

This is exactly what to do with all the lovely buttons you have been hoarding over the years. Stitch them on a T shirt or the front of your jeans, a beret - whatever. Do it now - it is THE look for the summer.

And just in case you thought you were too old.... the answer is simply more buttons - think totally pearl and you will not be far wrong. And raise your flag for a great queen!
A bit worried about your design skills? Then Kath Kidston have a Jubilee bag all made up for you. Just click here for more details.

1 comment:

  1. Saw and enjoyed the whole show and loved it especially the Mammy of the Prince! Today the church and the tour, hope you all can enjoy that too! Greetings