Friday, 15 June 2012

Martin Ex and His Samplers

Many years ago now - it must be around 10 - I had the great good fortune to meet Martin Ex in his shop in Amsterdam and spend quite some time looking at his fabulous stock of samplers. As much as studying the samplers was a wonderful experience, it was listening to Martin and becoming aware through his depth of knowledge, imparted gently, of the intricate historical background of these precious documents that did much to propel me into the field of sampler study. Do visit his wonderful shop or marvel on-line. Martin is always so helpful and knowledgeable.
The stunning sampler above is a rare Portuguese example. The interesting thing about this piece is that it turned up in Scotland! How on earth did it arrive there, I would like to know. Below you can see the image from the auction house which shows the sampler in its rather unsympathetic frame.


  1. I love the detail on this Portuguese Sampler - can't stop staring at it - am loving that bird in the tree and love how all the people look - so handsome.

  2. Mrs Holdsworth I have called Martin in Amsterdam but it is his answering apparatus so when I come back I shall call his GSM I want you to take off that Portuguese marcadores today
    You have no right to display this on your site
    Honestly Madam I wonder what your ethics are!

  3. Dear Gigi, I am so sorry you are upset.

  4. I should think so This is MY sampler and you did not even ask permission to display it. Martin Ex did

  5. But Gigi - I didn't know you had subsequently purchased this sampler - the images are in the public domain - please don't be so upset.

  6. Gee kind of stole Gigi's thunder..I would think if she asked you to take it down as a courtesy you would since you now know it is hers to reproduce.