Thursday, 7 June 2012

Golden Splendour Needlework Casket from In The Company of Friends

My goodness me - just look what those two talented ladies from In The Company Of Friends have done now! They have created fabulous, limited edition decorated caskets for all your needlework necessities.

This is a concept of mind-boggling ingenuity - the casket opens like an Aladdin's chest to reveal all manner of wonderful delights reflected in its gold-edged mirror.

Like something discovered in a true cabinet of curiosities, the awl on the chatelaine looks for all the world like a Narwhal's horn.

The secret of this delightful wallet is that it opens to reveal needles and jewel headed pins.

Here you can see the scissors and their holding case.

And joy, oh joy, a stunning little magnifying glass with its own carrying purse.
There are just so many delights that keep appearing - not least this delightful beeswax butterfly. But you need to be quick to get yours. This is limited edition only. Click here to see more and for details of how to obtain your unique Golden Splendour chest.

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  1. It`s pretty, but out of my price range i`m afraid...