Thursday, 14 June 2012

Auction Round Up

It is very rare to see English samplers with depictions of the Crucifixion and often such depictions are associated with Catholic schools (Protestants usually depict an empty cross as a symbol of the risen Christ). This is a Regency example having a central image of Christ upon the cross above a religious verse reading - 'Dear Saviour Oh! What ails this Heart....', within foliate scroll borders. It is in a glazed frame and measures 40cm x 30.5cm. It is for auction with Reeman Dansie in Colchester on 19/20 June. it is lot 1111 with an estimate of £500-£700. Click here for more details.

And to see two samplers depicting the Crucifixion at the same auctioneers - again Reeman Dansie of Colchester - is beyond coincidence. This sampler is headed with Adam and Eve and assorted animals and below this a scene depicting Christ upon the cross. It was worked by Sarah Harding aged 10 and is dated May 1820. It is in a glazed frame and measures 33cm x 30.5cm. It is lot 1110 in the same sale as above, with an estimate of £500-£700. Click here for more details.
This last is a gem of a sampler. Dated 1741 it is a George II sampler by Deborah Cornthwaite with religious script and floral decorated borders. It is possible that she is the Deborah Cornthwaite who was born 8 September 1730 in St Leonards, Shoreditch, London, England. The sampler is framed and measures 30 x 23cm. It is lot 714 and comes with a very low estimate of £40-£60. The auctioneers for this sampler are Ewbank Clarke Gammon Wellers of Woking and the sale is on 20/21 June. Click here for more details.

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