Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First International Quilt Festival of Ireland * 8-10 June 2012

The campus of the National University of Ireland, Galway Campus has been specially transformed into a Quilters' Village for the first Annual International Quilt Festival which runs from Friday 8 June to Sunday 10 June 2012. In the Quilters' Village you will find a Fat Quarter’s Chocolate Shop, the Wicked Thimble Pub, the Town Hall, our School House, the Round Robin Restaurant, a Craft Center, Celtic Tea Room, and a top notch restaurant called Stash. The village itself resembles an old Irish Village of the 1600s where you may encounter Molly Malone pushing round her cart and selling fat quarters!

Instructors on hand are: Jinny Beyer; Ricky Tims; Ineke Berlyn; Gail Lawther; Pauline Openneer; ‪Paula Rafferty; Kaye England; ‪Alan Tremain; ‪Sharon Pederson‬; ‪Claudia Pfeil; ‪Jim West; ‪Bernadette Falvey‬; ‪Nikki Foley; ‪Pam Holland‬; ‪Bryan Taphouse; ‪Gaye Grant‬; ‪Nicola Doherty and ‪Cecile Flegg. If you can't make it this year - be sure to put it in your diary for 2013!

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