Saturday 31 March 2012

Tait & Style Orkney

I love finding out about handicrafters and small business selling handicrafts. One of my favourites is in Kirkwall, Orkney's ancient capital, and is called Tait & Style, which I think must be a pun on Tate and Lyle - the purveyors of Britain's answer to Maple and Agave Syrups - Treacle!
There is a strong tradition of hand and machine knitting on Orkney, and Ingrid Tait also works closely with Shetland knitters – Fair Isle is just to the north, then Shetland (and then the North Pole!) Ingrid Tait draws on a wide range of techniques: hand and machine knitting, crochet, felting, fabric-fusion, embroidery… And she also produces a wide range of designs, from rich, comforting, textural woollies, to quirky graphic designs – both elegant and humorous. Ingrid grew up in Orkney, and after studying in Glasgow, Middlesex and at the Royal College of Art, knew she wanted to return.
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