Sunday 25 March 2012

Gathering the Threads * Your Early Stitching Memories

We have created a new blog for you to record your early stitching memories. The aim is to build up an archive for everyone to see of stitching experiences from our early lifetime, before they are lost. Sometimes thinking about these early experiences brings about recovered memories of what older relatives used to stitch or talk about on the subject of stitching and it would be good to include these also. So the key points to include are: where you were, what year (ish), how old you were and your first name or (alias if you prefer.) Even the briefest memory adds colour and depth to the whole. And it may be that as you remember, you are able to then update your entry with a more complete memory. The blog is called Gathering Threads - just click here to visit. This is for you!


  1. So do we send you an email or just make comments once the blog has a post?

  2. Just email me and I'll send you an invite to add your memories to the blog.