Friday 2 March 2012

Missing Norfolk Girls - Can You Help?

The exciting news is that Joanne Lukacher's long awaited book on the Norfolk Samplers is to be published soon by In The Company Of Friends. The sad news is that there are still a number of missing girls who should be in the book - and we are hoping that you might be able to help track them down.
If you do know any whereabouts or have any helpful information please click here to contact In The Company Of Friends. The first girl above is the beautiful Sophia Beare 1801 – it is not known where Sophia was last seen. Update: Sophia has now been found thanks to the great help of Amy Finkel who has been so generous with her help and time.
Above is Elizabeth Fryer – date obscured on sampler – May ????
Above is Ruth Potter – 1835 – last seen on Auction at Christies Auction House. Also at Christies, but no picture, Mary Ann Coward 1828.
Above Mary Linstead 18?? Had been thought to be at the Museum of American Folk Art but they cannot find a record of it. E.P. Dutton is a name associated with it.
Above Rebecca Gidney – 1811. Had been thought to be at the V&A but is not found there.
Above another Rebecca Gidney – 1812. Whereabouts unknown.
Above Mary Gidney - 1798 Had been thought to be at the V&A, but is not found there.
Above Susan Dunn – 1771 - was reproduced by Marsha Van Valin, but she has no record of her whereabouts. This photo is of the reproduction.
Above Ann Wade – 1772.
Above Hannah Bowen – 1824 - last seen at Charlton Hall Auction House
Above Sarah Everitt – 1777 – last seen in book “Samplers Selected and Described” by Leigh Ashton. Photo has the name Mrs. Croly beneath it.

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