Saturday 3 March 2012

Oh My Sisters' Fancy Chocolate Sewing Boxes!

Chocolates were not in great supply when I was young. They were a treat strictly for birthdays, Christmas, and - oh quiver, tremble, quiver - for Valentine's Day! But then it was an adult treat - or for those on the first steps of adulthood. For us not quite up to the bar, it was tins of caramels with fluffy dogs or cats on the lid. But oh, those fancy chocolate boxes my big sisters received.
Just look, they had drawers - many - think of all the stitching things you could pop in one of those, and scented hankies, ribbons and other items too precious to talk about.
This was a favourite box that I coveted so much. It was plain and grown up with a tassel fastener casually sealing the box from prying fingers (which were usually mine, I must admit.) And look.. it has a tray that sits on top, so you can hoard in the secret space beneath precious tiny golden safety pins, mother of pearl buttons, sequins shed from blouses and dresses, needle-threaders, farthings and silver threepenny bits, hankerchiefs flowered with edelweiss, orphan ear-rings and spare thingies that were attached to suspender belts that held up your silk stockings, and no manner of little tokens from your beau.
I coveted these so much and for so long, that my patience and desire eventually paid off. My sisters left to get married, and silly boxes such as these, outgrown, worn and, frankly, so childish were left to me.
And I have had them so long, that now, coming up for air, I realise that they just don't do chocolate boxes like these anymore. For shame. Why ever not!


  1. Those are wonderful! It is a shame they don't make things like that too often, anymore.

  2. The 'favourite box' is fantastic, I would have coveted it too!

  3. Oh how wonderful J, so glad you treasured the box, love it. Look forward to seeing what you will fill the box with:)

  4. I was thrilled to see your favourite box, I have created an embroidered work box some years ago, the same as that with the inner tray. Inspiration came from a picture but I had no idea that it was a chocolate box.

  5. What a lovely story to share! My Dad always got my Mother chocolates in boxes like these. I must say at the time I wanted the chocolates more than the boxes...........but at this point in my life I would really like the boxes. It is such a shame they don't sale chocolates in boxes like this anymore.

  6. How beautiful - I love boxes and these would have been so special to have! I just love them.


  7. How lovely!! I have a real 'thing' for boxes. Chocolates didn`t come in those in Canada...they were very plain...

  8. Thats really great work. I`ll try to make such. London Fancy Box