Thursday 29 March 2012

Lady Evelyn's Needlework Collection at Blair Castle, Scotland

You would never guess, looking at the Blair Castle website that there was a treasure trove of embroidery to be discovered there. The collection is known as Lady Evelyn's Needlework Collection and you can see more of it in the catalogue by Mary-Dick Digges at al - click here for more information.
Lady Evelyn Stewart Murray was born 17 March 1868, her father was 7th Duke of Atholl. However most of her adult life was spent at Malines, and it was here that she began her collection of exhibition quality needlework, particularly lace. She was an embroideress in her own right and coat of arms above, which was drawn by a professional designer, engaged her labour for 7 years. This incredibly fine piece is worked on glass cambric. There is a charge to see the collection at Blair Castle, but it is certainly well worth it.

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  1. I have a copy of Lady Evelyn's Needlework Collection and it is a constant source of inspiration.