Monday 12 March 2012

Needleprint Draw - Naomi Tarrant Article Giveaway

This sampler from Dunfermline Museum, the gift of Miss M Hutton, has been described recently by Naomi Tarrant in The Scottish Genealogist (Volume LVIII No.4). It is one of those tantalising Family Record samplers associated in the UK with Scotland, but also found in the USA. Naomi's article is a delight to read. She has traced and researched the family which gives dimension and substance to this sampler. I particularly enjoyed reading the description of how a daughter of Jane Sutherland married a weaver called John Hutton and their unmarried son, leaving his native land for a better life in New Zealand, made a fortune there. A photograph of this sampler was sent by the Hutton family lawyers to New Zealand and was used in evidence for their claim to his estate. The Needleprint Draw this week is for a copy of The Scottish Genealogist featuring this article. Simply click on the flying angel to enter. The winner will be announced next week on 19 March. If you are interested in purchasing this journal, simply click here for more details of how to obtain your copy of The Scottish Genealogist.

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