Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Those Norwich Deer

Yesterday we saw a Norwich School Sampler for Auction at Woolley and Wallis on 5 April, and here today is a typical design from these 18th and 19th century Norwich School Samplers which you can download free now. The following DMC colours provide a good palette: 3750, 3051, 786, 1734, 729, 832, 3046 with the birds and the french knots for the lions faces worked with two strands of black or, more subtler, dark grey. Just click here for the download again if you missed it the first time. These downloads are totally copyright free - share them with friends and customers, use them in your newsletters but please acknowledge the Needleprint blog. Thank you.


  1. Thanks very much for the information on how to get to the web page. I really wish I could look at the quilts in person, but I live in IL ,in the USA.

  2. Thank you I love looking at all the great designs and information you profide us with.